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The Flowing "Great Wall"
   Wang Wenlan, 54-year-old, first began to learn taking photographs in 1967. In 1980 he was transferred to China Daily, where he currently is the Driector of Photography Department, senior reporter, Deputy Chairman of China Photographers Association. Wang had won many medals in the National News Photography Competition and the Best Photograph in China's News Award. And he was invited many times as a member of the evaluation committee for national, international and news photo exhibitions.
   In China wherever there are people, there are bicycles. If you want to take others by surprise, the best way is to say that you do not know how to ride a bicycle, as if you just walked out from the 19th century. The ripples of wondering resulting from the last Chinese Emperor going for a ride with two wheels within the Forbidden City have long been inundated in the huge eddy of the bicycle kingdom.


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Shanghai, 1991
Heibei, 1989
Taiwan, 1997
Beijing, 1997
Sichuan, 1985
Hebei, 1992
Beijing, 1996
Guangdong, 1987
Beijing, 1992
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