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The 4th Asia Press Photo Contest Gold Prizes public notice(2016/5/5 17:53:13)

The 4th Asia Press Photo Contest Gold Prizes public notice
£¨Publicity for 7 days from May 6 to 12, 2016£©

Hosted by Asia News Network and organized by China Daily, the 4th Asia Press Photo Contest has finished the judging work. After a series of judging process by five experts and scholars from Thailand, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India and China, the Gold Prizes are now publicly displayed below.

The publicity period is from May 6 to 12, 2016, 7 days in total.

After one week, if no objection, the organization committee office will contact the photographers by phone, fax or email.

Email address if any objection: photo60@chinadaily.com.cn

Gold Prizes were displayed in the below link:

Organization Committee of the Fourth Asia Press Photo Contest
May 6, 2016.

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