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The 3rd Asia Press Photo Contest announced in Beijing(2012/9/20 12:00:41)

Sadness, compassion, gratitude, perseverance, and joy. These are just some of the feelings evoked by the winning pictures on this page. Truly, a photo speaks a thousand words. The 3rd Asia Press Photo Contest announced in Beijing in September, 2012. The winners distinguished themselves from some 520 photojournalists from 27 Asian countries who took part in the competition to vie for top spots in such categories as spot news, general news, economic, scientific and technical news, portraits, daily life and sports news, arts and entertainment news, nature and environmental news. The panel received more than 3,000 entries. Themed ¡°Changing Asia¡±, the contest, organized by the Asia News Network and China Daily, is dedicated to adding nuances to outsiders¡¯ perceptions of contemporary Asia and strengthening understanding, co-operation and dialogue between Asia and the rest of the world. Some of the photos have been published in 2011 in 21 leading Asian newspapers in 19 countries.

Gold prize winners of the 3rd Press Photo Contest

Gold prize of Spot News:
The Wenzhou High-speed Train Crash, He Ben, China.

Gold prize of General News:
After the fire, Erik de Castro, Phillipine

Gold prize of Economic, Scientific and Technical News:
Experience TCM, Li Feng, China.

Gold prize of Portrait:
Devotees looking through a temporary living place, Jashim Salam, Bangladesh

Gold prize of Daily Life:
Jumping, Pavel Rahma, Bangladesh

Gold prize of Arts and Entertainment:
Peking Opera Future, Zou Hong, China

Gold prize of Sports:
The 6th ASEAN Paragames, Ismar Patrizki, Indonesia.

Gold prize of Nature and Environment:
Wind Farm in India, Luca Catalano Gonzaga, Italy.

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